Our Mission

We are on a mission to Liberate the World from Disorganisation, starting in the UK, then expanding worldwide.


Our highly secure, encrypted platform has been built to remove the time and anxiety of managing day to day admin, resulting in less stress, and more time for you to spend on things you want to in life. 

Why Invest in LifeTidy?

Launched in September 2022, we already have over 3,000 downloads, and have signed a significant B2B partnership to promote the product to a customer base of 250,000. LifeTidy is a subscription model with potential customer LTV in the decades, helping grads to grandparents manage their lives better. 

We’ve incorporated Open Banking into the platform, allowing quick and easy oversight to bank accounts, credit cards, pensions, loans, investments and mortgages. Plus, with our secure encrypted vaults users can have access and securely share their data anytime and anywhere.

LifeTidy is made up of a world class team, with experience in building and exiting multiple businesses, and we would love to get you onboard to remove everyday stresses and help improve people’s lives.